Sunday, December 23, 2012

retrospect: month of september

we had moved into a new apartment for several weeks. i stayed home and mostly busied myself with decorating the place. 

on the ferry from ikea to wall street.

my vanity desk, a small indulgence---no more leaning awkwardly over the sink while i put on makeup! it is a 1940s piece off craigslist and came with a light gray metal stool that had a stained velvet-covered seat cushion. i painted the table in "popcorn" and the stool in black. the cushion was then reupholstered in black linen.

the roses poster is by debbie carlos.

we had a housewarming party right before i left for my long trip to asia. as usual, i forgot to take pictures during the actual event, but here's what we had: zucchini keftedes, feta & spinach spanakopitas, homemade pita with tapenade and tzatziki, and a fig & apple tart.