Saturday, March 24, 2012

spring vanity

my palette is quite constant throughout the seasons: beige and dark brown for eyes, and some variations of red for cheeks and lips. for the fall and winter, the red of choice is rose. for this spring and summer, coral it is.

for lips: 

when i am not using any other lip colour, i would go with the tinted one.

lancome rouge in love, in miss coquelicot

a new addition this year. it is a bold shade (looked insane from the tube) but unexpectedly lifting for my complexion. a few touches are enough to produce a flush of colour, reminiscent of the reddish hue that our lips turn when we eat a popsicle on hot summer day. i like to put a few extra dabs on the center of my lips.

for eyes:
smashbox photo op eye shadow trio, in shutterspeed

for a long time, i liked to draw a thick line with bobbi brown's eyeliner gel (i have monolids). but now i prefer a softer look from blending their eyeshadow, which is still a deep black-brown but nowhere as severe (eyeliner gel also feels mucky when the weather is hot and humid). finish with a a soft swipe of pink on cheeks.

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