Wednesday, July 4, 2012

week of july 1

this week's mix: black sesame, blueberries, banana, ground flaxseeds, soy milk, raw honey. i have a weak spot for smoothies because they taste like ice cream (albeit melted) and don't involve utensils.

currently watching "big." what is an exam study bonanza without some quality korean drama to further mess up your sleeping schedule? gong yoo. so dreamy. whoever proposed putting hot-off-the-press korean dramas on hulu deserves a promotion.

brief half-day stop in toronto on canada day. i could not bring myself to order this "canada donut" instead of my usual favorite---maple syrup dipped donut. 

bar exam study to really pick up steam starting this week. really not looking forward to july.


  1. Ah the donut looks absolutely deeelicious. Good luck studying for the exam!

  2. Have you finished Big? What did you think about the ending?